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Tips from Old-Timers

  • Go to meetings, get a home group.
  • Remember the meeting after the meeting. Don’t isolate.
  • Read the Big Book.
  • Work all the steps, but all of them.
  • Get a sponsor and phone him/her regularly.
  • Do service.
  • Exercise and eat balanced meals.
  • Beware of HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired.
  • Stay away from wet places. If you lie on a railway line for long enough, a train will ride over you.
  • Learn how to relax: read, hike, sports, movies, theatre. Be innovative. Tackle activities that involve other people.
  • If you are lonely, get involved in charity.
  • Keep your brain active, study, read something that will stretch your brain.
  • If you attended a treatment centre, stay in touch. Attend aftercare. Speak to your counsellor.
  • Work on self-pity, anger, resentment, road rage, self-obsession, entitlement, jealousy and envy, grandiosity, big-shotism, dishonesty. Discuss with your sponsor and old-timers.

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